Naked Fetus

Disrobed Customers at the Electric Fetus, Minneapolis, 1972 (Minnesota Daily Photo)

Facing eviction from their original location at 514 Cedar Avenue, and looking to unload excess inventory, the owners of the Electric Fetus record shop hit on an idea sure to appeal to early 1970s Cedar-Riverside “freakos”—a “Naked Sale.” The promotion, which took place on Saturday, March 25, 1972, attracted about 50 uninhibited customers who were more than happy to shed their clothes in exchange for a free album (regularly $3.99) and stash pipe. Legend has it that public outcry over the “Naked Sale” led to the Fetus’s eviction, but the decision to boot the store had come much earlier. The Fetus moved into its current location at the corner of 4th Avenue and Franklin later that year.

The Electric Fetus at Its Original Cedar Riverside Location, 1972

Photo via Minnesota Historical Society